5 Crafty Ways to Split Test Your Google Shopping Ads

One of one of the best methods to improve your profitability? A/B break up testing. Google Ads has a characteristic known as the Experiments the place you possibly can create customized experiments in your campaigns and examine how your take a look at group performs in opposition to your unique campaigns (management group) over time.


Only drawback is, that is solely obtainable for Search and Display campaigns. Not for Shopping. Luckily, I’ve provide you with 5 methods you possibly can take a look at a number of variations of your Shopping campaigns, which is what we’ll be diving into on this publish.

How to A/B take a look at product info

A/B testing product info like titles, pictures, or extensions might be helpful for optimizing your product feed

google shopping ab testing product copy

This might be achieved within the set-up of your feed, both through a feed administration device or manually in Google Merchant Center. Once you’ve determined what you need to take a look at, you’ll want to create equal teams of merchandise. This might be achieved in a number of methods, I primarily use the next two strategies:

1. The cluster evaluation technique

With a cluster evaluation you’ll divide primarily based on historic efficiency (e.g., dividing your merchandise into equal teams primarily based on metrics like clicks, income, prices, and conversion worth). You can do that through spreadsheet for smaller datasets or in R (or different programming languages) for bigger datasets.

2. The random break up technique

A random break up might be achieved primarily based on the ID of your product. For instance, for those who use numeric values as product IDs, you possibly can assign group A to all even numbers and B to all uneven numbers.

The most necessary factor whereas splitting your merchandise is to be sure that all teams of your experiment have an equal variety of merchandise and that your key metrics are additionally very shut.

Once you’ve made the break up, make the adjustments to the product IDs in your take a look at group. Make certain you’re ready to report on your whole product IDs and corresponding teams. This method you possibly can analyze them and discover winners. Below you could find an instance of how this may look in your feed.

google shopping a/b testing - title experiment setup

How to A/B take a look at marketing campaign settings

If you need to break up take a look at marketing campaign settings like ROAS, focusing on, or completely different marketing campaign varieties, you’ll want to make splits primarily based on one thing aside from product IDs. Ideally, you’ll need to provide the identical merchandise in each your management and take a look at teams as a result of efficiency can range by product. There are three completely different splits you may make to take a look at your settings. Just just like the take a look at set-up on product content material, creating equal teams is vital. With all strategies, you want to do the information cluster evaluation your self. Create two or extra equal teams and analyze primarily based on the variations.

3. The Customer Match break up technique

With Customer Match, you possibly can goal first-party audiences in Google Ads. It works by importing an inventory of electronic mail addresses out of your present database that you really want to goal, and Google will match these electronic mail addresses to Google accounts.

How to do it

If you’re utilizing Customer Match, you have to be ready to create a cookie break up in your CRM software program.  Then you possibly can create two completely different campaigns utilizing two completely different Google Customer Match Audiences. Change the setting that you really want to take a look at in your take a look at marketing campaign, and preserve all the things else the identical in your management marketing campaign. And that’s it.

Note: If you’re utilizing Customer Match, ensure you have a 3rd marketing campaign working for all potential clients that aren’t inside your database. This method you don’t lose any potential conversions.

google ads customer match setup

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  • Random break up: By splitting cookies you even have a random break up which is usually utilized in different A/B checks.
  • Reliable knowledge: Because of the random break up, the outcomes are dependable and reproducible.


  • Hard to implement: Not each advertiser has the assets to implement Customer Match or make the random break up of their CRM.
  • Not 100% full: This experiment solely applies to present clients in your database. That means the outcomes aren’t legitimate for brand spanking new potential clients.

4. The geo break up take a look at technique

Geo splits are sometimes used to discover incremental uplifts in campaigns. This may reply questions like: Is there incremental worth in promoting on branded key phrases?

How to do it

In a geo take a look at, a market is split into smaller geographical areas known as geos. Each geo will get assigned both a management or a take a look at group. Users within the take a look at geos are uncovered to the modified campaigns whereas customers within the management geos are served the management campaigns. The break up might be achieved on nation or area, so long as each regional teams are extremely correlated. You’ll want to use the cluster anaysis to decide your teams.


  • Easy to arrange: Everyone with a little bit of Google Ads expertise can set this up.
  • Reliable: Since we break up the identical campaigns, seasonality can’t be an affect.


  • Behavior can range extensively by geo. It’s important to have two extremely correlated teams. Also, seasonality can differ by geo-location. It’s not best to examine Alaska with Texas for those who promote outside gear.
  • Somewhat exhausting to put together: Cluster evaluation on location focusing on might be difficult when coping with smaller geo-locations.

google shopping a/b testing - geo experiment setup

5. The marketing campaign break up technique

In a marketing campaign break up, you merely divide your campaigns or accounts into two extremely correlated teams. Both teams want to have an equal variety of key metrics like clicks, conversions, and prices.

How to do it

In one group of campaigns (take a look at group), you make the adjustments whereas within the management group your present finest practices will serve. If you label and monitor the completely different teams of campaigns, you possibly can inform one thing concerning the variations in efficiency.

google shopping bidding options

Budget and bidding technique are two settings you could possibly take a look at.


  • Very straightforward to arrange: You solely want to change settings in half of your campaigns and that’s it.


  • Least dependable: Seasonality can play an element in several campaigns, particularly in case your campaigns are divided by product class (have you ever tried the precedence bidding marketing campaign construction?).
  • Preparation might be exhausting: Cluster evaluation on marketing campaign teams might be exhausting when coping with smaller units of campaigns and knowledge.

Final ideas

That’s it! Five alternative ways to run A/B checks in your Google Shopping adverts:

  • Test product feed attributes, creating teams with a cluster evaluation.
  • Test product feed attributes, creating teams with a random break up.
  • Test marketing campaign settings with Customer Match teams.
  • Test marketing campaign settings with geos.
  • Test marketing campaign settings with marketing campaign teams

    The high quality of the end result relies on the standard of your preliminary (cluster) evaluation and setup. What you get out is what you set in. Hopefully this helps you with the optimization of your Google Shopping campaigns. If you strive any of those strategies, share the ends in the feedback! For now, have a beautiful day and preserve optimizing!