Why You Should Treat Content Marketing Like a Golf Game [Rose-Colored Glasses]

I don’t do golf. But one factor intrigues me in regards to the recreation: The total objective is to play the least.

Think about it.  The winner is the one that swings their golf equipment the fewest occasions.

A sensible content material advertising strategy ought to work in a comparable method.

My purchasers usually inform me they really feel the content material advertising workforce creates an excessive amount of content material. They say issues like: “Everyone wants more content, but so much of what we create is wasted.”

At first, that appears counterintuitive. If they’re losing content material, why don’t they simply produce much less?

Suggest that, and also you’ll get this pushback: “If we produce less, we might waste a smaller amount. But everyone still wants more.”

Here’s what they imply: When the content material workforce supplies a fireplace hose of content material, there’s an excessive amount of waste – however everyone’s thirst is quenched. When the content material workforce offers individuals a backyard hose, much less content material goes unused – however everyone nonetheless feels thirsty.

This problem isn’t confined to content material advertising, by the best way. I see it in advertising planning, too. Everyone in advertising and gross sales appears to assume they want extra. More content material. More advertising. More leads. More alternatives. More gross sales.

More at all times appears higher – or at the very least much less dangerous. So, many content material and advertising groups construct their methods to reply the query: “How do we get more?”

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More isn’t sufficient

It took me a very long time to determine this content material advertising conundrum. When I’d inform individuals extra isn’t the reply, they’d ask “Then how much content should we produce?”

I used to reply, “As much as you can be great at.”

I used to assume you need to ship as a lot content material as you’ll be able to whereas sustaining the standard requirements you’ve set (assuming you’ve set any.)

Now I understand that recommendation is fallacious.

If the query of the right way to get extra content material drives your technique, your technique is doomed. You’ll by no means produce sufficient.

The higher query comes from golf: How are you able to create extra aces, eagles, and birdies?

In different phrases, how little is sufficient to win the sport?

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Enough is sufficient

Any nice live performance, tv collection, film, or novel makes the viewers want it will go on. They’re engaged, they’re moved – and so they need extra.

In reality, many nice experiences are available shorter packages. The Great Gatsby numbers simply 180 pages. The basic movie Casablanca lasts solely 100 minutes. The superb TV collection Better Call Saul simply ended after six seasons of 13 episodes every.

Though the viewers wished extra, the creators advised tales precisely so long as they wanted to be.

But what number of occasions have you ever come away from a collection saying, “That was pretty good, but it could have been three episodes instead of eight”?  That’s a basic symptom of defaulting to extra.

That’s to not say that lengthy content material or a lot of content material can’t be efficient. War and Peace wouldn’t be War and Peace if it weren’t 1,200 pages.

However, I’ve discovered content material and advertising groups really feel best when the tradition focuses on understanding how a lot is sufficient as an alternative of chasing extra.

In a good world, inventive content material staff would spend much less time assembling content material and extra time considering of progressive and memorable content material to create.

In a perfect world, #content marketers would spend less time assembling and more time thinking of remarkable content to create, says @Robert_Rose via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

In most companies, although, it really works the opposite method round. Content groups get stretched skinny by to satisfy all of the requests for too many initiatives. They can’t assemble digital belongings quick sufficient to maintain up with the hearth hose of requests.

Here’s the punchline: Nine out of 10 occasions, a content material audit reveals my purchasers aren’t producing an excessive amount of content material, however they’re normally creating too many digital belongings.

I counsel they cease filling everybody’s days with assembling and producing belongings.

Instead, I inform them to determine which content material shall be sufficient.


Focus on affect

Now when purchasers ask me now how a lot content material they need to produce, I inform them this: If you wish to win at content material advertising, produce as little as you could get the affect you need.

Don’t goal to supply overwhelming quantities of content material even in case you can – and even when it’s nice. Instead, goal to supply simply sufficient to ship the worth you plan whereas creating the behavioral change you search to have.

Get via the course in as few swings as attainable.

Don’t ask how will we create extra? Instead, ask what’s sufficient?

That query forces you to outline an goal – an affect – to create and measure. It additionally forces you to outline “enough.”

Enough to what? Enough content material to create 10% extra leads? Enough to amass 1,000 subscribers? Enough to fulfill the gross sales enablement workforce with the finances you’ve gotten?

Once you outline “enough,” it’s recreation on for content material golf. Play as little as you could win. Focus on bringing your greatest recreation.

Let’s get to work in your swing.

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